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Latest Coronavirus Update And Our Plans

It's no secret that the situation we all find ourselves in is causing so many challenges, both personally and for businesses across the globe. Events in particular have been hit hard, having to reschedule and cancel in many cases. It's saddened us to see activism coming to a halt and fellow event organisers who work tirelessly for the vegan community and animals having no choice but to cancel during the lock down. We urge you to be compassionate to these businesses whilst they're facing these forever life altering challenges.

Fortunately, for Vegan Camp Out, we do have some time on our side. At this point, with five months to go, we have enough time to wait things out, continue as normal and most importantly to stay hopeful. Major events that were planning to go ahead from now until July are mostly rescheduling to late August to September, which is when our event is.

We're hoping that things will be resolved by then and safe for us to come together and celebrate the lifestyle we have in common. We want you to know that we are under no illusion and we are working around the clock at the moment as a result of COVID-19, implementing safety measures for the event and constantly checking government updates as well as trying our hardest to respond to every message, email and comment. If down the line, we know it to be unsafe to continue in August, when our event is, we would alert everyone immediately. Our first action would be to look at rescheduling to September if that's possible, if not then we would cancel and offer ticket transfers to the following year or of course refunds. The last thing we want you to do is worry - We want you to have something to look forward to! All we ask from you at this time is your continued support and some patience... posts may not be as frequent and announcements have been delayed out of respect for the current situation, BUT, they are coming! We do have some great news to share with you all very soon.

For more details on our safety measures and other information click HERE.

To get your tickets click HERE!

Until then everyone, stay home and stay safe! 💚


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