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  • All ages
    The event is all ages but under 16's must be accompanied by an adult 18+
  • Tickets
    All tickets are sent via e-ticket to the email address provided when you bought. Please search in your emails (and also junk/spam) for your ticket before messaging us. Any ticket issues please use the chat box at Please do not contact our partners Viva as they do not have anything to do with tickets.
  • Arrival / opening times
    The carpark will open at 12pm on the Friday, and the festival itself will open at 1pm. Follow signs for Carpark/Main Entrance. Have your car pass ticket up on your phone when arriving at the carpark. Once you're in the carpark, please get your e-tickets up on your smartphone ready to show to the people at the festival ticket entrance. If you are being dropped off or picked up, there will be a designated spot. The festival ends at 2pm on the Monday, which is when you need to have left by. The festival is open 24/7 so you can arrive or leave at any time of the day or night.
  • Parking
    The venue carpark is £17.50 for the full weekend (£25 on the day), paid for in advance from our tickets page (motorbikes are free). Parking is near to the festival entrance. There will be security monitoring it overnight, however vehicles and their contents are left at the owner’s own risk. Vegan Camp Out do not accept liability for any loss or damage to vehicles or their contents. Please have just your parking e-ticket (not festival ticket) up on your phone ready for scanning at the carpark entrance.
  • Travel
    If you're coming by car, the address is Bicester Heritage, Oxfordshire OX26 5HA. If you're coming by train - you can get a train to Bicester Village or Bicester North (which is only 1.2 miles away - 5 minute drive or 15 minute walk). There's a direct train from London which is only 45 minutes! More travel info coming soon!
  • Car share
    If you're not coming by train or bus, car sharing is a good idea, for many reasons - more people can come that can't drive, it's better for the environment, and a cheaper way of getting there and back direct! If you have spare seats in your car, or are looking for a ride in your area, please enter your details on a car sharing website we've teamed up with GoCarSHare (click here).
  • Families / children
    Although Vegan Camp Out isn't aimed at families, hundreds of families attend the event as everything on-site is open to all ages! You get your own personal camping field, away from the noise and which can't be accessed by non-families. In this field you get your own toilets and showers. And there is also a bouncy castle, a slide, facepainting, and a marquee for children's activities/games, all free of charge run by Laura Chepner, Education Officer at The Vegan Society. We will look at having a family parking section nearer to the family campsite if we can make it happen. If you're over in the caravan field, you will still be able to access the family camping field and spend time in there with the other families and be able to access all the various activities.
  • Camping
    Camping equipment is not provided and will not be sold on site. Please be cautious of space, no bringing 6-man tents for 1 person. There is a designated Quiet Camping field for those who wish to camp in a quiet place, you don't need a specific ticket for this, it is shown on the map. Please note the area will be first come first served and we cannot guarantee the noise levels of the area. The price of the tickets includes camping but people are also more than welcome to go home each night or stay in a nearby hotel. You can also come in a caravan/campervan.
  • Smoking
    No smoking in any of the stages.
  • What to bring / top tips
    When it comes to a tent, it’s worth spending that little bit extra on the one thing that comes between you and the unpredictable English weather when camping! Split the cost with your friends and get a tent that’s comfy and practical. An airbed is that little bit of luxury after a long day of fun too, and remember it gets cold when the sun goes down so take a few extra layers! Bringing earplugs means you are more likely to get a decent night’s sleep whenever you decide to call it a night. Bring a camping chair to have something comfortable to sit on. If there are things that you can leave at home, then do! Avoid leaving your phone, money or other valuables in your tent in the day. You can get portable phone chargers that last you an entire weekend, charging your phone a good four times! When you sleep put your valuables at the bottom of your sleeping bag. Thefts are rare, but it’s best to be safe than sorry. Not every stall will take card payments and don’t rely on a close by ATM machine either. Plan those pennies in advance and get enough to enjoy yourself! Other important camping must haves that are usually forgotten are the everyday essentials that you don’t think about! Toothpaste, hand soap, toothbrush, Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, mirror, hairbrush, baby wipes (eco-friendly ones!), toilet roll – just in case the loos happen to run out. A raincoat is always a good one to bring in case the rain starts. Speaking of water - a water carrier to keep by your tent is always handy too!
  • Caravans / campervans
    There will be a section of the carpark designated for you to park, which isn't far from the entrance. Passes can be bought from and has an option for with or without electric hook-up. If you're in a family, you will be still able to access the family camping field once inside to socialise with the other families and access all the various activities available in the field.
  • Food / stalls
    We have the best vegan food vendors from all over the country, all in one place! There is a large selection of food to buy which caters for everyone's needs including pizza, kebab, smoothies/juices, ice cream, Indian, cakes, Chinese, burgers, hotdogs, raw, gluten free options, pies etc. The list of vendors will be available our social media nearer the time. Generally, over half of vendors will have gluten free options.
  • Stages
    There will be the main stage for the talks, a stage for bands/musicians performing all weekend, a mind and body stage for yoga, meditation, fitness and health classes, and an activism stage with talks and workshops throughout the weekend. The latter will be seated, the other stages will not. This is because we want it to have a festival feel, rather than have the vibe of a conference or lecture, and also because the main stage turns into the afterparty room at 10pm each night. However, people are more than welcome to sit down on the floor or bring a camping chair or cushion to sit on during the day time talks! Please note, for headline speakers, people will be required to stand (unless disabled). You are not guaranteed to see every speaker and the stage will be closed if it reaches maximum capacity, so it's first come first serve.
  • Disabled access
    Our new venue is a greenfield site which does have its drawbacks as well as positives. Grass can become muddy in wet weather and make accessibility more difficult. However, we are designing our site with people that need more accessibility specifically in mind, along with ample accessible toilets and specific viewing areas. For disabled/deaf attendees, a free PA ticket is available if you're registered blind, deaf, a wheelchair user, or in receipt of higher rate DLA/PIP or equivalent (you may be required to provide documentation to evident your eligibility of free PA entry), and are aged 13 or over. Just buy a ticket for yourself as normal, and bring your PA with you on the day, who will be given entrance to the festival free of charge. Disabled attendees will also have their own parking and camping area closer to the arena. More specifics will be released nearer the time when the site layout has been finalised.
  • BSL interpreter
    There will be a BSL interpreter for both the main stage and activism stage! There will be an area designated for deaf attendees in both stages or those that will benefit from this service so you can see the interpreter. When facing main stage outside, enter from the left entrance into the building (this will be sign posted).
  • Courtesy / ejection
    Each year there will be speakers with views that some people might disagree with their views, this is to be expected, and so we ask people to either choose to not watch that speaker, or if they want to, to be polite to the speaker and to those listening. Anyone found to be purposely disrupting a speaker's talk will be ejected from the event. If anyone is being violent or dealing in any kind of illegal activity, they will also be ejected from the event.
  • Toilets & showers
    There are luxury toilet blocks on site (not just portaloos!) It's always advisable to bring spare toilet roll with you to festivals just in case. There is also hot showers on site, however there isn't many. If you want to shower, we recommend showering at a time in the day when they won't be very busy, as early in the morning the queues will be very long.
  • Alcohol / Drinks
    There will be several bars on-site - in the main arena, in the food area, in VIP and in Slipshod! You may bring alcohol and drinks with you for the campsite, but these won't be permitted into the arena. Each person is permitted to bring 12 cans of beer/lager or 70cl/700ml of spirits or 1500ml of wine with them for the campsite. Buying drinks helps to support the festival as this is usually one of the only ways an event makes money. We purposely make sure our drinks prices are some of (if not - the) cheapest festival drink prices in the country
  • Respect the place
    This goes without saying. Put your rubbish in bins placed around the site. All rubbish is collected after the festival and 100% of it is recycled! Let's leave the venue exactly how we found it. Bring a bin bag to fill up with rubbish at your tent and drop in the bins at the end. Take everything with you - tent, sleeping bag, rubbish etc!
  • Dogs
    For those that can either leave their dog at home or get a dog sitter, this would be highly appreciated and make things easier for everyone. It may not be an appropriate place for them in the talks which could possibly mean you having to miss out on them. However, if you want to bring them, that's fine, and everywhere outdoors will be fine for them. Please note dogs must be kept on leads at all times and will have to sleep in your tent/caravan with you. Dogs should not be in the music stage or afterparties because of loud noise. Bring a dog bowl in case of hot weather! Pigs are not allowed because of licensing restrictions.
  • Merch
    If you ordered a T-shirt or hoodie, it will be available to pick up at the event. Just take your voucher code you received in your email to the merch stand once you're at the event, and they will give you your item. The people on the gates won't know about them. You can change your size providing we have enough of that size. You will also be able to buy them at the event. We will also have other things for sale such as beanies, mugs, stickers and posters. All T-Shirts/Hoodies are produced using ethical clothing!
  • Afterparty
    Each night there will be an afterparty in the main room from 10pm - Midnight. DJ's to be confirmed!
  • Day tickets
    As it stands there is no option for day tickets. If this were to change, they would be added nearer the time depending on how many weekend tickets are sold. The only way to ensure a place is to buy a weekend ticket online, and people are free to come and go as they please on this ticket.
  • Water
    There will be several water points across the site, available free of charge. Please ensure you are using the water points which are sign posted as 'drinking water'.
  • Fires
    Fires are not allowed, but camping stoves and disposable barbecues are. However, barbecues cannot go directly onto the grass and will need to have bricks put underneath them if you still wish to use one. Please BBQ on the gravelled areas so it's far away from tents.
  • Prohibited items
    Illegal drugs and weapons.
  • Bikes
    If you're coming by bike you can lock your bike to any of the barriers placed around the rings, but we (Vegan Camp Out) or the venue is not responsible for them!
  • Refunds
    Tickets are non-refundable as is standard event ticket procedure. If you can no longer come you can sell your ticket by sending your e-ticket to the buyer's email address.
  • Diversity
    Please visit our diversity declaration at
  • Lost Property
    Please email if you have found or lost anything at the event. Please note - we are not liable or responsible for anything lost at the event.
  • If you're a food vendor or stall and want to contact us, please send your details to and you will be contacted if we want to know more

  • If you're a singer or in a band and want to play please send your application to All applicants will be reviewed, and will be contacted if we want to know more

  • If you want to put on a workshop in our Fitness/Yoga/Health/Meditation tent please message All applicants will be reviewed, and will be contacted if we want to know more​


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