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Summer festivals are amazing but can generate enormous quantities of waste. New events face many challenges, not least of striving to be responsible and sustainable in every way while also making it accessible as possible for stallholders, caterers and our other partners. Now in only our third year as a major summer event, the Vegan Camp-Out is no exception, but we're committed to lowering our environmental impact to go as 'zero waste' as possible...






We can't control what people bring onto the site, but we can do something about how it's disposed of.


Our waste management partner Mountain Skip Hire and their recycling partner Mid UK Recycling sort through all the bags of rubbish and recycle everything that can possibly be recycled.


Anything that can't is used to generate electricity to power their facilities or produce refuse-derived coal replacement fuel.




BY 2019

Let's face it, food is a huge part of the vegan festival scene, but with that comes all the packaging, knives, forks, spoons, cups... So much plastic!


A growing number of vegan caterers are making the obvious move towards biodegradable alternatives. Here are two suppliers that we're recommending to this year's caterers: Biopac and Greengate




A big part of going zero waste is making sure festival goers are clued up on their options when it comes to avoiding single use items and plastic.

We'll be including at least one talk on low impact / zero waste / minimalism in our activism programme.




Nothing reduces our carbon footprint more than going vegan, but there's no denying that transport is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions.


Where public transport or peddle power isn't an option, please consider car sharing. We've signed up to gocarshare.com who'll help you guys find lifts and offer up spare seats in your cars. Click the link below.


I want to car share!!

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