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PANEL | Hidden ingredients - how far do we look? Ecotricity & special guests

As vegans, we’re used to checking the labels on food to ensure there are no nasty hidden ingredients… But do you make a habit to do this elsewhere in your life? What about your clothes purchases, food, cosmetics and furniture? Have you considered the supply chain? What is your money really funding? Ecotricity explored this exact question 5 years ago and set themselves on a mission to ensure there were no nasty hidden ingredients in their energy mix. Now, at Vegan Camp Out ’23, they will be joined by some very special guests to debate: hidden ingredients – how far do we look? Join what is sure to be a lively conversation in the Education Tent. We’ll see you there!

bosh 500sq.png

Plant-based chefs

The world's biggest Vegan/Plant-based chefs (and brand). Childhood friends from Sheffield, Henry Firth and Ian Theasby united to create BOSH! and have become the modern-day godfathers of plant-based food. Launching their mission in June 2016 to put more plants on plates, they’ve become the world’s biggest vegan social media brand, reaching 26 million monthly views, with over 2.5 billion views to date, and a social following of 3.1 million people and growing. They’ve written 5 Sunday Times best-selling cookbooks, selling over 1 million copies worldwide (in 64 countries and in 8 languages), including the UK’s best-selling vegan cookbook, and won 2 British Book Awards. They starred in ITV’s 1st ever vegan cookery series, ‘Living on the Veg’, and the BOSH! product range can be found in all major supermarkets. Totally powered by plants, BOSH! creates mouthwatering recipes enjoyed across the globe.

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Sam Ryder

In 2020, as the world went into lockdown, Sam Ryder uploaded the first of his now-famous covers. They quickly caught the attention of some famous fans – think Justin Bieber, Sia, Alicia Keys, and Elton John – with compilations of his videos appearing on The Ellen Show, BBC’s Newsbeat, and more. As the videos kept coming, so did the fans with his socials standing at over 10 million followers to date and hundreds of thousands of comments. Fast forward a year and Sam Ryder stands with 17M social followers and is in the running to be crowned as TikTok’s most popular UK artist account for the second year in a row. He represented the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with the song "Space Man" and finished first in the jury vote, and second overall.

joey 500sq.png

Joey Carbstrong
Animal activist

Joey Carbstrong is an Australian animal rights activist from Adelaide. He became vegan after being released from prison. He has since been known for advocating for animal liberation and veganism through social media and public speaking engagements, as well as his debates on the ethics of eating meat, especially during various televised interviews such as The Jeremy Vine Show, This Morning, and Good Morning Britain.

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Patrik Baboumian
Athlete & speaker

Patrik Baboumian is a former professional athlete, a public speaker and a psychologist. He has written three books, given numerous talks all over the world and is best known for being part of The Game Changers documentary. Baboumian went vegan 11 years ago and he continues to travel the world on his mission to fight a false narrative around sports nutrition and animal protein. In his talk at Vegan Camp Out he will go in-depth on the topic of plant-based nutrition in sports and explain why going vegan helped him accelerate his athletic development even after 25 years of competitive strength sports and how it helped him to stay heathy after his career as a professional strongman.

mobius 500sq.png

Mobius Loop

Mobius Loop create gloriously eccentric philosophical folk stories, fusing world music and conscious rap with eruptions of free-form dance charged with an intimately powerful and intense energetic live performance. Mobius Loop are on a mission to raise positive vibrations, projecting an organic co-operative voice for humanist spirituality, vegan philosophy, grassroots philanthropy, true democracy and alchemical magic, in the name of the Hemp Redemption and the infinite unknown.

so vegan 500sq.png

So Vegan
Food influencers

Ben and Roxy launched their brand, So Vegan, in 2016 with the mission to create easy, tasty vegan recipes and to make vegan food accessible to the masses. Since then, the channel has grown into one of the world’s leading vegan channels and they have developed an audience of over 1.9 million followers. They continue to share creative but convenient recipes online and also have two bestselling cookbooks - 'So Vegan in 5' and 'One Pot Vegan' as well as their own So Vegan app.

bob vylan 500sq.png

Bob Vylan

"There aren’t many bands that blur the lines between punk and grime as effectively as London duo Bob Vylan. Outspoken and engrossing in equal measures, their lyrics convey the angst and discrimination at the hand of a corrupt system while sonically it’s like “being pelted by a downpour of razor sharp arrows"- NME. 2019 saw Bobby (vocals and production) and Bobb13 (drums and spiritual guidance) generate significant hype with guest appearances on Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes Radio 1 session for Annie Mac, supporting Gallows at their triumphant comeback show at House of Vans and collaborating with Massive Attack alumni Tricky on his new album. It’s time to accept the fact that Bob Vylan are here, angry, loud, vital and it’s already too late to stop them.


Josh Franceschi

Josh Franceschi from UK number one artist You Me at Six will be DJing this year's rock afterparty at Vegan Camp Out 2023! Josh has been vegan since roughly 2014 and in 2018 the band launched a vegan kebab pop-up in London called You Me At Shish.

Tash 500sq.png

Tash Peterson
Animal activist

Tash is an animal rights activist based in Perth, Western Australia. She has been vegan and an animal rights activist since 2017, when she turned to veganism overnight after watching the documentary Food Choices. Tash has been featured on various media outlets across the world including UniLad and New York Post, she’s done a live interview on Sky News and has had TV interview stories on The Project and Flashpoint Australia. She is known for her unique and controversial style of activism, which she states is essential for social change since civil disobedience generates attention to animal rights via media attention. Tash has protested inside butchers, restaurants, fast food chains, supermarkets, fashion stores and animal judging events. She has also ran onto a football stadium holding a “Right to Rescue” flag to highlight the unjust laws that criminalise activists for exposing animal abuse.

Little 500sq.png

Little London Vegan
Food influencer

Clare Every aka The Little London Vegan is a content creator primarily focused on showcasing vegan options available in restaurants in London. She encourages venues to add more vegan options to their menus, works with them to improve their vegan offerings and shares her favourite places with her followers to show people how amazing vegan food can be and encourage more people to eat it. As part of her plan to spread the vegan message further, she also visits other cities in the UK and across the world. Previously Papa John's Chief Vegan Officer, you may have seen her before on BBC & ITV News discussing veganism.


Fat Gay Vegan
Author & influencer

Sean O'Callaghan has been at the forefront of vegan community organising in the UK for more than 12 years. Known by the irreverent nom de plume Fat Gay Vegan, Sean has spent the past decade hosting large scale social events around the country, promoting independent vegan business, writing about plant-based lifestyles, and working to make our community more inclusive and equitable. Sean's first book, Fat Gay Vegan: Eat, Drink and Live Like You Give a Sh!t, tells his life story using heartfelt, poignant, and funny anecdotes to promote what he refers to as his 'manifesto for compassion'. Having recently entered his third decade of veganism, Sean has a lot to say about how we can feel celebrated in our choice to care for animals, people, and the planet.

etherwood 500sq.png


Etherwood leapt straight to the forefront of the drum & bass world over the years with his distinctively beautiful and unique production. First discovering D&B in the late 90s and, inspired by the likes of Aphrodite, Photek, Logistics and DJ Hype. His debut self-titled album ‘Etherwood’ took the scene by storm. His second album ‘Blue Leaves’ went straight into number one spot on the iTunes Electronic chart. His third studio album ‘In Stillness’, written in complete isolation within the Finnish wilderness, saw Etherwood’s skill as a songwriter mastered. Etherwood’s creativity is evoked through his free spirited mindset, exploring the world in his converted van, dedicated to mindfulness and meditation. The Lincoln-born musician’s fourth studio album ‘Neon Dust’ was inspired by a fusion of folk, rock, liquid, indie-pop and techno.

juliet 500sq.png

Juliet Gellatley

In 1994 Juliet founded Viva! – the biggest vegan charity in Europe. She also launched Viva! Poland in 2001 – one of the biggest animal protection groups in Central Europe. Juliet has created and launched numerous campaigns and written several reports, guides and books, including The Silent Ark, Born to be Wild, Vegan New Parents' Guide, Healthy Vegan Kids, Why You Don’t Need Dairy and Nutrition in a Nutshell. She has filmed and exposed many factory farms, severely embarrassing major companies and supermarkets – many of which changed policies. Juliet filmed at the notorious Hogwood pig farm that supplied Tesco, and is producer of the documentary, Hogwood: a modern horror story, airing on Netflix in 2022. Juliet and her team created the first vegan cinema ad and Viva!'s first vegan TV ad. Juliet is an inspirational, fun and informative speaker and has made many media appearances across the world. She has a degree in zoology and psychology; diploma in direct marketing and is a qualified nutritional therapist. Visit


Klaus Mitchell
Plant Based News

Klaus Mitchell has always had a passion for health and nutrition, with a Bachelor's in Human Biosciences from the University of Exeter and a Master's in The Genetics of Human Disease on a full scholarship at University College London. Klaus launched Plant Based News in 2015 to raise awareness of the many benefits of a plant-based diet, which now boasts over 3.1 million followers on social media. In 2021, Plant Based News raised over £1 million via the investment platform SeedRS to scale up and expand its reach. Klaus has been an author of an article published in the Journal of Public Health Nutrition, which explored the effect of diet on various health markers; was script editor on the groundbreaking Netflix documentary Seaspiracy; and has had public speaking engagements at Meta and COP27 focusing on the environmental impact of our food system.


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