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Save Vegan Camp Out and Receive Rewards!

Coronavirus has completely wiped out 2020's festival industry as well as the small independent businesses and charities that usually trade at them. We, like many others have taken an incredible hit by having to delay this years Vegan Camp Out. 

We only have one event a year which thousands of hours of work goes into. Having to reschedule means we have lost our only source of income for the our entire year.

We want Vegan Camp Out 2021 to go ahead, but can't without securing additional funds, and so we are calling upon you, our amazing audience to help us out!

"Every donation comes with a reward and each reward is a heavily discounted item! We have Beanies, Hoodies, Tees and even Tickets included! "

The reason we need this money and are doing a crowdfunder is because there are a lot of costs spent on this years event that we CAN'T get back - such as advertising, non-refundable deposits, wages, consultancy, website and email hosting, flyers, design work, speaker accommodation, travel, flights and much more.

We have also sadly had many more refunds requested than we had hoped for and can handle, meaning that we are at an even higher risk of not being able to go ahead! Sadly insurance does not cover us or any other festival for this, as it was an added part of the insurance policy dealing with health pandemics which virtually no festival has.

Raising £15,000 will help us re-coop at least some of the costs and refund losses, and will help us get through this difficult time. It will help ensure 2021 goes ahead as planned and we can come back bigger and stronger than ever!

We also really want to give our partners Viva! the vegan charity £2,000 from this, as we normally donate a portion of our ticket sales to them and want to still be able to support them as much as we can, regardless of having no ticket sales for this year (all transferred to the rescheduled event).

To see the breakdown of our target goals and view all of the rewards you can receive click HERE!

Thank you so much for your support!


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