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NEW for 2023 - Slipshod Faire! ✨

Vegan Camp Out 2023 brings a new venue and new mysteries. A pile of intriguing shipping containers has been opened carrying very unexpected cargo labelled “Slipshod Faire, open with caution” inside them! A magical, mystical faire filled with circus, games, and attractions including a steam-powered train!

The carnival brings exciting games for all ages, amazing circus shows and workshops, spectacular fire shows, a hypnotising music stage with a multi-genre sound system, art and music workshops, a pop-up ever-changing trinket shop, bar, and walk-about theatre. Or why not pop into the music jam tent and start a band?

Slipshod Faire is an immersive world that blends entertainment, learning, and creativity, but most importantly, fun for all!

🎫 Tickets - - Over 6000 sold! 💰 Payment plan/instalment tickets - ⛺ Glamping -


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