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HELP save Vegan Camp Out from being cancelled

We need to sell another 750 tickets in the next 2 weeks or we may sadly have to cancel Vegan Camp Out 2023 😥

So we need your help by buying your ticket now rather than later - Buying now also means you'll save £10!

The events industry has changed, with many contractors now demanding full up front payments which just simply wasn’t the case a few years ago, meaning festivals need more upfront cash than ever to make it happen.

It was already hard for festivals this year hence so many had to cancel, but these new measures make it even harder👎

Many festivals are tackling these costs by having to massively increase ticket prices which is why almost all UK festivals are now between £150 and £300. But we are still maintaining ticket prices well under £100. But you can help by buying your ticket now instead 🙏

If you already have your ticket but still want to help, there’s a donation option of £25 on too (increase quantity if you want to/can donate more than £25).

Please note - if we did have to cancel, then everyone would be provided with the option for a refund 💛


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