Russell Brand


Russell Brand’s career spans stand-up comedy, acting, broadcasting and writing. He is the author of the New York Times bestseller, 'Recovery: Freedom from our Addictions' and his weekly podcast, 'Under the Skin', is available on Luminary. Russell lives in the UK with his wife Laura, their two daughters, two dogs, two cats and chickens.


Henry and Ian

Having grown up in Sheffield together and becoming best friends at secondary school, Henry & Ian live and work together at their BOSH! studio creating delicious recipes that are shared across the globe. They posted their first recipe online in 2016 and generated a following of 1.8 million Facebook fans and reach over 26 million people a month! A competitive bidding war between publishers resulted in BOSH! signing their first book deal with Harper Collins in 2018 and went on to become the bestselling debut cookbook of 2018!

Chris Packham


Extraordinarily creative and prolific, Chris Packham has led a remarkable life. He’s gained recognition as a naturalist, television presenter, writer, photographer, conservationist, campaigner and filmmaker. As a broadcaster he is a presenter of BBC’s BAAFTA Award winning Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch series. He presents notable natural history series such as Nature’s Weirdest Events, World’s Weirdest Events, World’s Sneakiest Animals, Cats V Dogs, The Burrowers, Inside the Animal Mind, Operation Iceberg and Secrets of our Living Planet.

Joey Carbstrong.jpg

Joey Carbstrong

Animal rights Activist

Joey Carbstrong is an Australian animal rights activist from Adelaide. He became vegan after release from prison. He has since been known for advocating for animal liberation and veganism through social media and public speaking engagements, as well as his debates on the ethics of eating meat, especially during various televised interviews such as The Jeremy Vine Show, This Morning, and Good Morning Britain.


Fiona Oakes

Tower Hill Stables

Fiona Oakes is a British distance runner who holds four world records for marathon running. In 2013, she won both the Antarctic Ice Marathon and the North Pole Marathon. She runs despite losing a kneecap from an illness when she was 17. Fiona has been vegan since she was 6 years old. She runs Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary and is an ambassador for The Vegan Society. She was the subject of Running for Good, a documentary film by Keegan Kuhn, centred around her run in the 2017 Marathon des Sables.

Deftigman Obscura_3.jpg

Patrik Baboumian


Patrik Baboumian is a vegan strongman, a public speaker and an actor. He has written two books, given numerous talks all over the world and is best known for being part of The Game Changers documentary. Baboumian went vegan almost 9 years ago and he continues to travel the world on his mission to fight a false narrative around sports nutrition and animal protein. In his talk at Vegan Camp Out 2021 he will go in-depth on the topic of plant-based nutrition in sports and explain why going vegan helped him accelerate his athletic development even after 25 years of competitive strength sports.

Derek Simnett.JPG

Simnett Nutrition

Derek Simmett

Derek Simnett from Simnett Nutrition, is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner from Vancouver Island, Canada. His YouTube channel has almost 400,000 subscribers and has had over 25 million views! Being a competitive athlete most of his life, Derek's focus is on performance based nutrition. He loves to help people reach their fitness and lifestyle goals through healthy, wholesome food with a natural approach to fitness and movement.

Heather Mills


Heather Mills is the founder of the award-winning plant-based ethical Vegan food company VBites. In 1993 Heather suffered the loss of her left leg below the knee due to accident. To save her amputated leg from constant infection she went on a plant-based diet which lead her years later to create the pioneering International Plant-Based ethical Vegan food company, VBites, which exports to 24 countries, offers130 plant-based products and has won 80 awards. Heather also owns 600,000sq ft of plant-based manufacturing facilities, a vegan make up and algal oil range, and a venture start up company.

Genesis Butler

Vegan Activist

Genesis Butler is a 13 year old vegan animal activist who went vegan on her own at the age of six. Genesis speaks at various vegan and non-vegan events around the world about veganism, activism, and environmental issues caused by animal agriculture. Genesis gave a TEDx talk in 2016 and was the youngest person to do so. In 2019, Genesis asked the Pope to go vegan for the Million Dollar Vegan campaign and was named a Marvel Superhero with her own comic book and episode featuring her animal advocacy airing on DisneyPlus.

Cosmic Skeptic

Alex J. O'Connor

Alex J. O’Connor is founder of the Cosmic Skeptic YouTube channel, podcast and blog, platforms dedicated to the publication of philosophical ideas and debates in an accessible format. He is currently reading for a degree in philosophy and theology at St John’s College, Oxford University. Alex is an international public speaker and debater, having delivered addresses in multiple continents at conferences and universities, as well as debated ethics, religion, and politics with a number of high-profile opponents before college audiences, on radio talk shows and on national television. Alex’s online videos have been viewed more than twenty million times, attracting over three hundred thousand people to subscribe to his regular content. He has produced videos with notable experts in respected fields, such as Peter Singer, Lawrence Krauss, and Richard Dawkins.

Juliet Gellatley

Viva! Founder & Director 

Juliet Gellatley is founder & director of Viva! - a vibrant, campaigning animal, health and environmental group that is the biggest vegan charity in Europe, which launched in 1994. Juliet has created and launched numerous campaigns, investigated many farms, exposed the devastating animal cruelty that seems to hold no bounds in agribusiness and written several reports, guides and books. She instigated the first Vegan Festivals almost two decades ago which mushroomed into events across Britain. Juliet has many British firsts to her name - The first to campaign on vegetarianism in the UK; to produce a vegan cinema ad; a vegan YT ad; to film factory farming to camera in Face Off’s; and to get ‘exotic’ meats out of all UK supermarkets. She's producer of the award-winning HOGWOOD: a modern horror story documentary on Amazon Prime. She has a degree in zoology and psychology and is a qualified nutritional therapist.

Lex Rigby

Viva! Campaigns

As Viva!’s Campaigns Manager, Lex oversees the campaigns team, working to expose animal abuse, promote veganism and raise Viva!’s profile. In researching, organising and promoting successful campaigns Viva!’s aim is to spotlight the truth about Britain’s farmed animals and support positive changes to create a kinder future for animals, ourselves and the environment.


Benjamin Zephaniah

& The Revolutionary Minds

Born and raised in Birmingham, Dr Benjamin Obadiah Iqbal Zephaniah is a British writer, dub poet and Rastafarian. His poetry is strongly influenced by the music and poetry of Jamaica and what he calls ‘street politics’. His first real public performance was in church when he was 10 years old, by the time he was 15 he had developed a strong following in his home town of Handsworth where he had gained a reputation as a young poet who was capable of speaking on local and international issues. In the nineties his book publications, record releases and television appearances increased in Britain.

Mobius Loop

Mobius Loop create gloriously eccentric and philosophical folk stories, fusing world music and conscious rap with eruptions of free-form dance charged with an intimately powerful and intense energetic live performance. Mobius Loop are on a mission to raise positive vibrations, projecting an organic co-operative voice for humanist spirituality, vegan philosophy, grassroots philanthropy, true democracy and alchemical magic, in the name of Hemp Redemption and the infinite unknown.

P Money

P Money, born Paris Moore-Williams, is an English grime MC from New Cross, South East London, who is also active in the bassline scene. He is best known for his live performances as well as for songs such as Slang Like This, Anthemic and Round the Clock. He was a founding member of Lewisham-based grime crew OGz and has released one album with the group entitled OGz Season Vol. His new album 'Money Over Everyone 3' was released on the 31st May 2019 and features the single 'Where & When' featuring Giggs.