We only had a few months to sort 2016, but over 400 people turned up from all around the country. There were no talks, no stalls, just 400 loud (and a few drunk) vegans in a field with one food vendor! It was a chance for people who had only spoken to each other online to finally meet in person. And we danced on the field until 2am with an outdoor DJ. It was a beautiful weekend, and everyone was very sad when they had to leave.


For 2017 we knew we had to go big, and we did just that. We got a brand new venue, invited some of the world's most influential speakers, had activism workshops, and over 2,700 people in attendance! People flew from over 30 countries around the world to come to the event, it was truly a world first!

2017 Flyer.png


For 2018 we took it to the next level, again, and moved venue for the third year in a row in order to increase our capacity. We also sold out in advance for the third year. We saw 5,000 people attend from over 30 countries around the world, and had a fantastic line-up including Simon Amstell, JME, Macka B, Neal Barnard, Melanie Joy, Heather Mills and many more!

flyer 3.jpg


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